Judge Joyce Kimbler's Values
Judge Joyce Kimbler is grounded by three values: faith, family, and work. Her life has been a testament to these values. 

FAITH: Raised by two ministers, Judge Joyce has been anchored by her faith. Beginning with her graduation from Evangel College, Joyce's personal and professional life have centered on integrity and service to others.

FAMILY: Judge Joyce is the wife of Retired Judge James L. Kimbler, the mother of Brianna, Brannon, and Matthew and a grandmother. . Her greatest joy is spending time with her family. She helps cares for her mother who lives in Summit County and she helps with the care of three grandnieces. Like many Medina County women she balances her career with serving her family. 

WORK: For Judge Joyce being a trial judge isn't just a job, it's a passion.  Joyce believes in the jury trial system. She has dedicated her professional life to being a trial lawyer and, since January 1, 2015, to being a trial judge. She loves presiding over a jury trial and seeing Medina County citizens doing justice for their community. 

You can trust Judge Joyce's judgment because you know her values. They are your values, your family's values, your friends' values and Medina County's values. 
Judge Joyce Kimbler Re-Election Committee, Julia Cain, Treasurer, 328 Laurel Lane, Wadsworth, OH 44281